What is the Best Subwoofer for the Money 2014?

Close-up of Rows of SpeakersNeed a Great Subwoofer?

Music is uplifting, powerful and just plain awesome!   While different people enjoy different genres of music, you will rarely find someone who doesn’t like some kind of music. And what better way to hear your favorite beats than through an audio system with a great subwoofer.

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Subwoofers allow you to have a larger than life experience while listening to the tunes you love most. You will be amazed to see numerous options that are available which incorporates the latest and most advanced technology. Regardless of whether one needs a subwoofer for their home or car, a subwoofer of 15 inches is an ideal choice that you can buy for money and good quality sound.

The size of a subwoofer is very big and is usually installed at the back of the room. It is a type of speaker that is capable of producing audio of low-pitched frequency, so, a subwoofer raises the sound quality by enhancing the bass capability of the speaker. We have one as part of our home theater system and it gives us that nice booming cinema experience.



Best Subwoofers under $100

Pyle Home PCB3BK 3-Inch 100-Watt Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers - Pair (Black)I know that today we have to be careful with our money. Subwoofers under $100 are an ideal choice for those who want to have a the deep base sound for their audio system. There are many companies manufacture subwoofers for less than $100. Pure Acoustics and Pyle Home make durable and reliable speakers.

The PCB3BK by Pyle Home offers a full range sound system and a frequency response of up to 18KHz. This subwoofer works great for home theatre applications or stereos. It features a paper cone driver of 3 inches, handles 100 watts power, very compact in size. To prevent the monitors from damage, it is protected by a video shield.

Best Subwoofer for the Money

Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)Here, I have put together a couple of subwoofers for those that want decent sound but not the cheapest on the market. I chose these based on the ratings and popularity so you should be getting a quality product.

Polk audio has launched dozens of models and Polk audio PSW10 deserves a position here because of its size and affordable price. It fills the bottom area of your home theater system frequency range which means it will give you base.
Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Monitor Series Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black)
It produces only mid and high level frequency, hence it is a great solution for your home sound system. The configuration of this subwoofer brings you the maximum bass impact and keeps the cabinet in low profile.
Pioneer SW-8MK2

We all have heard of Pioneer and know that they have been making audio equipment for a long time and have a great reputation. I have pioneer in my vehicle and love the sound.

Pioneer SW-8MK2 Andrew Jones Designed 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer
If you are looking for an affordable and low-distorted way to reach the low-end of your sound system, SW-8MK2 by Pioneer will definitely attract you.

No other subwoofer in this price category will give you a great satisfactory quality bass like this model.


Best Subwoofer under $300

BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer If you are looking to get a little more quality, you need to spend a little more but you don’t have to break the bank. I have chosen two here that should give you a crisp base.

The BIC America subwoofer F12 is one of the best products in this range. It is stylish and will look great in your room.

BIC AMERICA Eviction Series RTR-EV1200 12-Inch 475-Watt Front-Firing Subwoofer
It features an injection molded woofer of 12 inches, adjustable cover, great volume control, sensing the signal automatically and has a warranty of 5 years. This is a perfect device for movie theater sound engineers, who love to her from the softest whisper to high impact sound.


Best Rated Onkyo SubwooferOnkyo SKW204 Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer (Black)

To impress yourself with a realistic bass pumped and earth shaking sound, you can go with SKW204 By Onkyo. A lot of features are packed into this subwoofer, which will allow you to get the best out of your music.
Onkyo SKW204 Bass Reflex Powered Subwoofer (Black)
You will not miss even a single thing with the features like crossover control and a switch to invert the phase. You can easily tune the bass output from this device according to your speakers. This will allow you to customize and give you the best sound possible.


Best Subwoofer under $400

Klipsch RW12D 12-inch Reference SubwooferA subwoofer in this range meets all your expectations and is perfect for commercial use as well as for your home. I would love to have one of these in my home but they are a bit out of my budget.

RW12D by Klipsch is one of the top rated subwoofers in this price range. It has a colorful speaker to suit our style and home theater needs.
Klipsch RW12D 12-inch Reference Subwoofer
This model shakes up the things by its front firing ceramic woofer and amplifier of 340watt RMS. It comes with the IR sensor operation and is compatible with any control or remote system.




Best Lightweight Subwoofer

If you want to experience the high impact bass of the best home theatre system that consumes less space, Definitive technology SC4000 Subwoofer-Black is the best option.  This subwoofer has all the latest features and enables wireless connectivity. For bass performance, it incorporates advanced digital technologies that will add magic to your music listening experience.


Where to buy a new subwoofer?

BICIf you are searching for a low-cost subwoofer, it is better to do some research on the internet or visit a retail showroom to get more details on the features and specifications. Online stores are the best option to find the best subwoofer for the money.

You will find dozens of online stores across the internet that offer superior quality subwoofers of reputed brands at affordable rates. To save some money, you can search for discounted products. One can prefer to buy a subwoofer in the range of $100 and $150 for general purpose requirement.

The reviews of people available on various online stores will surely help you in choosing the best subwoofer for the money. To help you out, I have gone through reviews and products specs to give you a decent selection to choose from. I hope this gives you what you need to get the subwoofer that will give you the sound you need.


Things to look at while buying speakers

X-Ray of an Audio CassetteA subwoofer provides a deep bass sound and brings a roaring sound into your speaker. Choosing one is a tough job, as you need to get into the physics of the device to make a fair choice. As this speaker is one of the most important components for your audio system, you need to consider a few points before you buy.

You can find different types of subwoofers from which to choose the best one that meets your personal preferences. The first thing you need to do it find a good brand. Some of the popular brands are; Polk Audio, Yamaha, JBL, Pioneer and Onkyo which sell high quality subwoofers at affordable rates.

After selecting the brand, the next important thing that needs to be considered is the physical appearance, features, portability and acoustics. If you want your subwoofer to deliver audio with thunder, you should prefer a device with high RMS power ratings.

Lastly, you should also consider features like, size of the subwoofer, power rating, its sensitivity and frequency. If the power rating is more, the bass quality will be more.

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